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At the SISS Primary, we accept students after a two day assessment visit. The main criteria for acceptance at the SISS Primary are English language abilities. General school readiness is a requirement for those children who are applying for Flexible Lower Primary Year1 (see Admission)

The language of instruction is English and 85% of the lessons are taught in English (following the English National as well as the IPC curriculum). In order to be able to cope with the curriculum, the command of the English language (native speaker level) is a requirement for admission.

The student’s ability to follow lessons in the age-appropriate year group will be assessed during a two morning visit at our school. Due to differences between international school systems we reserve the right to make internal decisions about the child’s placement in the appropriate SISS year.

Applications for school starters (Flexible Lower Primary Year 1) should ideally be submitted between 1 November and 15 February. Should you choose to enroll a school starter child in the SISS, the requirements of the State School Law (Hessisches Schulgesetz) must be adhered to. This includes a physical examination by a doctor from the local County Health Department, known here as the ‘Schularzt’.

We accept applications for Primary Year 2 -4 throughout the school year. It is important for families applying to SISS Primary to understand that space for new students may be limited. We therefore strongly recommend that, if possible, families begin the application process four months prior to the start of school.

Application Process

To apply for admission, please complete our online application. In addition to the online application, we require:

  • Copies of student passport and birth certificate
  • School transcripts and records for the past two years (in English)
  • A current passport-sized photograph of the student
  • For school starters a copy of the “Einschulungsuntersuchung” (official health certificate from the local County Health Department)

The entire application will take approximately 6 – 8 weeks.

Please be aware, that schooling in Germany is compulsory. For administrative reasons, the local German primary school needs to be contacted as soon as you have a residence regardless of your application at the SISS. In case of admittance to the SISS Primary a formal request of school change is needed, the so called “Gestattungsantrag”. You can find the “Gestattungsantrag” in our download section. Please hand in this form at your local school after admission.

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